Whiplash Injuries Can Have Long Term Effects by William Schauman

People involved in automobile accidents are often diagnosed with what some people commonly refer to as “whiplash.” “Whiplash” is a common term that is medically often referred to as either a neck sprain/strain or cervical sprain/strain. These type of injuries are particularly common in rear end car accidents.  Insurance companies will often claim that these type of injuries will resolve on their own within a few weeks, with or without treatment. Although that may hold true in some cases, recover time varies from person to person depending several factors, including age, pre-existing conditions, and speed of the vehicles at the time of impact. Further, when evaluating a personal injury claim insurance companies often fail to consider the long term effects a “whiplash” injury may cause someone to suffer in the years following an accident. Even more concerning is that after you have suffered a “whiplash” type injury you are more likely to have cervical issues in the future or suffer an even greater cervical injury if involved in another traumatic impact.  

Below are a couple of websites discussing the possible short and long term effects of “whiplash” injuries:   

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